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Plastic Can Take 500 Years To Bio-Degrade In The Ocean

plastic waste

 the European Parliament overwhelmingly backed a sweeping ban on a range of single-use plastics in an effort to curb maritime pollution. The proposed directive will ban items such as plastic straws, cutlery, plates and cotton swabs by 2021 and ensure that 90 percent of plastic bottles are recycled by 2025. MEPs backed the legislation by 571 […]

The Countries Banning Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

Which cities in the US are leading the way for plastic bag bans? Internationally, which countries have made the most significant push? Summary of Key Takeaways In the U.S., only 2 states (CA and HI) have banned plastic bags on a statewide level 4 U.S. states (DE, ME, RI, NY) have mandatory recycling or reuse […]

Valmet to Convert Paper Machine to Containerboard Production for Shangrao City Lulin Paper in China

Lulin Paper

Valmet will supply a grade conversion rebuild for Shangrao City Lulin Paper Co., Ltd. in Shangrao, China. According to Valmet, Shangrao City Lulin Paper plans to increase the capacity of fluting grades it produces and expand the company by building a new greenfield mill. After being relocated to the site of the new mill, PM […]

How a Chinese company plans to revitalize 2 struggling Maine mills

ND Paper

A Chinese company is investing heavily to restore two Maine paper mills it bought last year and turn them into sustainable, long-term businesses. The head of the company’s U.S. operations said his company, ND Paper, wants to improve efficiency and update operations at the former Catalyst Paper Mill in Rumford and the former Expera Old […]

Leading paper manufacturer PAPELERA NACIONAL S.A. profits from green energy


The anaerobic plant will convert organic contamination present in the wastewater to up to 4,200 Nm3 of biogas, which when utilized as a fuel, is an equivalent of 2,818 kg fuel oil per day. PANASA has been producing kraft paper since 1968. Throughout the years the company has increased its production, installed new equipment and optimized […]

Voith edge trim concept gives excellent results in its first reference in Latin America

The edge trim provides significant white fiber recovery and savings. Benefits include improved formation and final paper appearance, as well as clean wire edges and significantly fewer web breaks. Since January 2017, paper manufacturer GreenPaper, headquartered in the city of San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, Mexico, has been operating with Voith’s EdgeExpert edge trim […]