A.Celli successfully starts up two AC882 winders for PM7 and PM8 at Taison Group’s facility in Jiujiang, China


At the Taison Group site, in Jiujiang, province of Jangxi (China), two A.Celli Model AC882 winders for tissue (PM7 & PM8) have been successfully started-up.

Assembly ended in mid-August, and the two A.Celli E-Wind lines, designed with a speed of 1000 mpm and an untrimmed roll width of 5600 mm, were started-up and put into production in less than one month: the Customer praised the professionalism of the A.Celli Paper Technicians and efficient, smooth start-up of the lines.

These two winders are parts of the big order for four sets of E-Wind lines: three of them, have three unwinders and a semi-automatic knife positioning system; one of them has four unwinders and a calender.

With this winder supply, A.Celli Paper has supported the Customer in achieving an ambitious production objective and a clear improvement in product quality, which will make Taison Group stronger on the Chinese market.

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