A Key Pillar in Egypt’s Tissue industry

The establishment of Al Zeina Tissue Mill in 2008 came as a key milestone to Zeina Group, with an annual production capacity of 32000 tons per annum. Driven by a vision of excellence, Zeina Group worked closely with Georgia Pacific, a global leading player in the tissue industry to design a state of the art plant, with a total area of 88500 m2 in the 10th of Ramadan City. Sophisticated technology and high-tech modules guarantee consistent quality products that have earned the trust and confidence of clients, not only in the Middle East region, but also in Europe and South America.

Al Zeina Tissue Mill production line features a 2.7 meter wide crescent former machine with cutting edge technology supplied by PMT of Italy. The process uses 100% virgin pulp with tissue output of various tissue grades ranging from 13.8 gsm to 40 gsm. This range provides the flexibility needed to cover the requirements of diverse products ranging from facial tissue to medical rolls.

Al Zeina Tissue Mill employs 250 able employees who are dedicated to producing world class quality tissue products that meet the latest ISO standards.

Head Office

83 Sheehab St. Mohandessin, Cairo, Egypt

Tel +(202) 33473092 – 33446710 – 33044113/4

Fax +(202) 33452491

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