Andritz acquires the Đuro Đakovic Termoenergetska postrojenja in Croatia

Andritz has acquires Đuro Đakovic Termoenergetska postrojenja (DD-TEP) in Croatia, in order to strengthen its position for renewable energy equipment. .

The company has annual revenue of approximately 60 million euros and employs around 870 people at its two locations in Slavonski Brod and Lužani (both in Croatia).

DD-TEP is a well-established company with 100 years of experience in the production of boiler plants for various kinds of fuels meeting the most demanding parameters. The company focuses on designing and manufacturing boiler facilities, energy islands, and power stations that process biomass and waste on grate technology, thus strongly supporting a circular economy. Furthermore, DD-TEP also manufactures and delivers complete power stations on a “turn-key” basis with a power output larger than 2 MWel, producing electricity and heat energy from renewable biomass sources.

The company is a European leader in the production of customized pressure parts and boiler accessories. The state-of-the-art workshops have a capacity of a minimum 1 million workshop hours and provide the highest quality pressure parts manufacturing. The company continues providing manufacturing, engineering, and erection services also for other boiler suppliers.

The acquisition will further strengthen ANDRITZ’s market position for renewable energy equipment, especially with grate technology, and enhance its capacity and quality of manufacturing pressure parts and boiler auxiliary equipment.

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