Canada Requests Consultations With China On Dissolving Pulp Tariffs

Pulp Tariffs

China has been applying anti-dumping duties of up to 33.5% on imports of cellulose pulp from Brazil, Canada and the USA since 2014.

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) informs that Canada has filed a request for consultations with China with respect to China’s anti-dumping tariffs on cellulose pulp imports from Canada. Canada considers that, after more than 15 months, China has still not properly implemented the recommendations and rulings issued by the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) in May last year, and thus failed to bring its anti-dumping measures in line with WTO rules.

China had levied five-year anti-dumping duties on dissolving pulp imports from Brazil (6.6-11.5%), Canada (0-23.7%) and the USA (16.9-33.5%) in April 2014 and had upheld the anti-dumping measures in the review investigation completed in April 2018.

Canada is opposing China’s continuing measures on cellulose pulp as they are imposed inconsistently with certain provisions of the Anti-Dumping Agreement and and “appear to nullify or impair benefits accruing to Canada directly or indirectly under the cited agreements,” the delegation of Canada stated in a communication circulated to the DSB on 11 September.

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