Chenming Group is Chinese papermaking industry leading enterprise

Company since founded in 1958, after more than half a century of innovation and entrepreneurship, the development has become of paper, finance, yarn, forestry, real estate sector and the five major industries as the main body, also set foot in the field of mineral, energy, logistics, building materials, hotels and other large-scale comprehensive modern enterprise group, is the only A, B, H of listed companies, and the paper industry the first to have financial companies and Finance Leasing Company CBIF Enterprises. Group in Shandong, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangxi, Jilin were built production base, more than 80 billion yuan of the total assets of the enterprise, annual pulp and paper capacity of 8.5 million tons, main indicators of economic benefit for 20 consecutive years in the same industry maintain leading position, comprehensive strength ranked one of the world paper ten strong, Chinese enterprises 500 No. 234, Chinese listed company revenue hundred light manufacturing industries list first, and China’s most competitive 50 blue chip companies.
Chenming now has the world’s largest pulp and paper production base and dozens of international advanced level of pulp and paper production line,The product gradually formed in the printing paper, packaging paper, office paper, industrial paper, paper five category system,To high-grade cultural paper, coated paper, white cardboard, newsprint, light coated paper, copy paper, industrial paper, specialty paper, life paper ,nine series of products structure. Enterprises have countries level technology center, postdoctoral scientific research workstation and national certified CNAs pulp and paper testing center and other research institutions, authorized access to national patent more than 150 items, including 9 invention patents, 7 products have been rated as “national new product”, 29 products fill the domestic blank, won 21 at or above the provincial level science and technology progress award, commitment to national science and technology projects for the five, provincial technology innovation project 26. “Chenming” trademark was identified as well-known trademarks in China, in the same industry first passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and -COC system certification (license Code:FSC-C020261), the enterprise also has won the national labor awards, the Chinese enterprise management outstanding contribution award, the construction of spiritual civilization advanced units of national and provincial honorary title more than 200 items.
For the future, Chenming Group will adhere to the overall tone while maintaining stability and low carbon, green, recycling, sustainable development, “2025 plan” to China manufacturing as a guide, the theme of scientific development, to enhance quality and efficiency as the center, to promote the manufacturing industry and financial service industry combination, industrialization and the depth of integration for intelligent the main line, transfer mode, adjust the structure, improve the quality and efficiency, enhance the management level, enhance the content of science and technology, to enhance the happiness index, enhance brand image, promote the company bigger and stronger, and strive to “Thirteen five” period profits over ten billion, built in most of the world first-class enterprise growth.

Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Ltd

Address: No. 2199 neosun Street Shouguang Shandong Province
Passenger dedicated line:800-918-6818
Zip code:262705

 Group Office:

Telephone:0536-2158000   Fax:0536-2156111

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