Coreboard Producers Announce Price Adjustments For The German Market

Coreboard Producers Announce Price Adjustments For The German Market

Although availability is starting to improve on Germany’s coreboard market, another price round has been initiated. Suppliers seek to charge more from September or October.

By the half-year point, it was already becoming apparent that the German coreboard market was no longer as overheated as it had been in the previous months. Activity levels at the coreboard mills in Germany and neighbouring countries continue to be very good, but in August reports started surfacing from converters that goods were being delivered before the appointed date and that additional volumes were available.

Against this backdrop, converters told EUWID they were unsure how to gauge the latest announcements from European coreboard producers, who are targeting price increases as of 1 September or 1 October, especially since not all converters have received this notification yet. While some core manufacturers believe that the measure is aimed at stabilising prices at current levels, corbeoard supppliers report that a first step has already been agreed with a majority of customers.



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