Demand For Paper And Paper Recycling Rate


The indelible inseparable relation between paper and human brought the higher levels of paper utilization worldwide midst the technological changes that ramp-up the production. Paper, the timeless lifeblood of the conventional products pertaining to education, packaging, communications, marketing, construction etc is expected to pull the demand far from the existing in the future according to a study that forecasts a grow of 2.1% demand annually.

Demand Growth Prospects

Studies pinching the prospects of demand vary with regions; North America, Japan and Western Europe might get modest results while the growth surges potentially for Eastern Europe and Asia – India, Russia and China, particularly. North America presumably produces the limited production with the low investment assessment in the region.

Paper Usage Assessment

The consumption of paper by Western Union is far from their share. On an average, a citizen of U.S uses 300 kilograms of paper annually or more, where as people from developing countries are using less paper – 18 kilograms a year and the utilization rate is much plunging in the countries like India which is using 4 kilograms of paper and Africa less than a kilogram.

Paper Recycling

In order to meet the growing paper demand recycling of paper is stirring buzz with a chain of techniques that recycle paper from the waste paper.  Also, the process of recycling cannot be confined to the perk of using paper again as it has the potential positive effects over the environment.
Waste paper is subjected to methods that differ from the other relying on the condition of the paper. Most of the paper is reincarnating today but recycling heads to the hard contexts if the papers are gummed, waxed or pasted with stubborn materials.

General Paper Recycling Steps

– The waste paper collected from an umpteenth number of bins is escalated to the recycling plant.
– Paper is separated based on its grade and type.
– Paper gets an intensive wash with the soapy water where the glue, plastic and other materials are aimed to remove.
– Washed paper is mixed with water in a big holder to form slurry.
– The addition of necessary materials to the slurry entails various paper products.

Recycling Rate

US collected the recyclables more than a half by weight, nearly 44 million tons of paperboard and paper were recovered in 2012 which shows a recycling rate of 65 percent where as in 2010, US recovered 63.5% of their paper which also shows a greater recovery increase i.e 89% since 1990. From the no-cue of existing curbside recycling programs, by 1998 US marked the existence of some 9,000 recycling programs nationwide.

The European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) alarmed the globe with its 71.7 percent paper recycling rate. The council also stated despite the paper consumption declined by 13 percent compared to the year 1998 the recycling rate is 1.5 times higher.  Without fickle, Europe took the stable position of recycling 58 million tonnes that flaunts 18 million tonnes spike from 1998 – that ultimately made Europe the giant champion in paper recycling.

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