Druck & Bindung Machinery to sell China’s Gaosheng rigid box solutions in India

Gaosheng rigid box
New Delhi-based Druck & Bindung Machinery has been officially appointed as the India distributor for Gaosheng range of rigid box solution manufactured by China-based Wenzhou Gaosheng Machinery.

Beside the fully automatic splicing board rigid box making solution, Druck & Bindung also supplies square bottom paper bag making equipment and finishing equipment in the India market.

According to Rananjay Anand of Druck & Bindung, the company will soon launch its own brand of D&B Digicutter multi-function fully automatic card cutting machines to meet the demand for such equipment in the digital printing segment.

The company also acts as the authorized exclusive global marketer & distributor for all Megabound range of equipment.

Talking about the recent partnership, Anand said Wenzhou Gaosheng Machinery has introduced the first-ever patented three-pieces splicing board technology for rigid box, which saves cost on raw materials with zero waste of paper, making straight edges of boxes with hotmelt glue. “The machines are widely used to manufacture mobile phone boxes, shoes boxes, tea boxes, wine boxes, moon cake boxes, gift boxes, cosmetic packaging, hard cover and other luxury box,” he said.

He added that while for the last few years, the rigid box market has been gaining momentum in India, there are hardly see any manufacturer to meet the demands. “Recently, Megabound introduced the semi-automatic rigid box making solution, but it’s still far from meeting higher demand for faster turnaround. Indian market is quite price-sensitive and European solutions are too expensive for Indian Industry at this moment. This is where China fits well with their offering of advanced technology in affordable prices,” Anand said.

He added, “We deliberated for a long time to identify our supplier based on highest quality but economical solution along with some innovative differentiation from the already existing clutter. This is precisely why we join hands with the Chinese company.”

According to Anand, the currently the size of the rigid box market is still unorganised but it is starting to consolidate. “Almost 70-80% rigid box making in India is manual, but the scenario is changing,” he said. “Obviously, there is a high growth potential in offing, considering the manual finishing being gradually replaced by the automation.”

He said the biggest USP of the Gaosheng range is its patented three-pieces splicing board technology, which is a new benchmark for the luxury box making. “This machine adopts the most advanced technology of spliced board box making, which saves the cost of raw materials,” he said, adding, “The machine can be installed and attached to any fully automatic line from any other good brands to replace the existing traditional corner taping-based box making. That means, we can offer the solution to those customers too, who are already using fully-automatic line but with the ‘corner taping’ option.”

Anand said the deal has a huge potential to Druck & Bindung Machinery’s business consolidation considering the India market is still in a growth phase for the rigid box industry.

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