Voith is ready for the future of papermaking with DuoShake Digital Generation


With its new DuoShake DG (Digital Generation), Voith is taking the next step on its journey to Papermaking 4.0. The control and automation functions of the shaking unit for optimum fiber orientation during sheet formation have been comprehensively upgraded to equip the system for the future of paper production. The new features significantly improve process reliability and machine availability.

With more than 20 years on the market, the Voith DuoShake has been indispensable in helping paper producers to improve paper quality and process efficiency. The system optimizes fiber orientation through high-frequency shaking of the breast roll, which results in excellent sheet formation of all paper grades and a low tensile strength ratio. Thanks to this product update, papermakers can now benefit from several new user-friendly operating features as well as smart automation functions.

Real-time data monitoring

All relevant operating parameters can now be entered on site via a fixed operator panel or optional use of mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. The web-based software used is a customized development from Voith. For maximum transparency, a cockpit interface provides users with a real-time display of all main parameters, for instance availability, stroke accuracy and drive frequency.

Modern data visualization

The visualization of the elements displayed is state-of-the-art and well-arranged; the touch controls are very intuitive. Important information – for example on hydrostatic pressure as well as air, oil and motor temperature – is presented as an easy-to-see traffic light system. A customizable notification system for warning messages allows for fast response times if needed.

Remote monitoring using mobile devices

Convenient remote monitoring means all operating parameters and other machine data can be viewed from mobile devices (Android, iOS) anywhere and at any time. Access permissions can be defined individually for each user.
Optimized service function for maintenance

DuoShake DG records actual operating times. Real-time data on maintenance intervals and service life of the most important machine components, like motor and coupling, ensure a simplified yet reliable maintenance planning process. The actual operating condition is known at all times. If maintenance becomes necessary, the shutdown can be planned and scheduled to be as efficient as possible.

Trend analysis and cloud connection

DuoShake DG features an innovative trend function for identifying and analyzing faults. In the event of faulty operation, an instantaneous evaluation allows for immediate intervention. With the help of a context analysis designed for a longer period of time, processes can also be systematically optimized.

As an optional service from Voith, an interface can be used to provide a connection between DuoShake DG and the Voith digital platform OnCumulus – a scalable, flexible and expandable data hub for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The transmission of data and trends to Voith and analysis and tweaking of the operating parameters by Voith experts result in increased availability, which then improves the overall efficiency of the paper machine.

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