Glatfelter and Ekman Initiate Partnership to Sell Abaca Pulp Globally

Glatfelter has entered into an agreement with Ekman & Co. to market Glatfelter’s high quality, specialty Abaca pulp exclusively through Ekman’s global sales agency platform.

Glatfelter has increased its market capacity of Abaca pulp and is partnering with Ekman’s global sales organization to reach new and innovative markets for this fiber.

Abaca is a unique, durable, strong fiber with a variety of applications, including filtration (tea, coffee), currency paper, textile, rope & twine, and several other applications where strength, porosity, and natural fibers are required.

“We are excited about this new relationship with Ekman,” said Thomas Fahnemann, President & CEO of Glatfelter. “As we continue to grow our position as a producer of Abaca for the market, we have a natural fit with Ekman, whose logistical platform and expertise in specialty pulp will help us both win in this growing market.”

Lewis Fix, VP of Pulp at Ekman, said, “Glatfelter is going to be a great global partner. They have high quality production, technical expertise, and a passion for creating fibers sustainably that people use every day. Aligning that supply with Ekman’s market access will create value for us and, most importantly, our customers.”


About Ekman

Ekman is a global sales and marketing organization strategically aligning buyers and sellers of forest products around the world. Ekman has more than 300 employees in 40 offices worldwide and handles nearly 4 million tons of forest products every year.

About Glatfelter

Glatfelter is a leading global supplier of engineered materials with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. Glatfelter’s operations utilize a variety of manufacturing technologies including airlaid, wetlaid and spunlace with fifteen manufacturing sites located in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines.

SOURCE: Glatfelter Corporation

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