InfibraFiner wins the Focus Open 2022 Baden-Württemberg International Design Silver Award

Design experts have awarded the new InfibraFiner refiner from Voith with the Focus Open 2022 Baden-Württemberg International Design Award in silver.

The InfibraFiner represents the latest generation of Voith refiners and is part of Voith’s successful BlueLine product family. The committee was convinced by the design, innovative strength and future viability of the solutions, as well as the direct customer added value. Adrian Honig, Product Manager Refiner/Deflaker at Voith Paper, confirms: “We have developed a completely new refiner concept that clearly stands out in terms of both design and performance. During development, we pursued the highest quality standards. In line with our “Papermaking Vision” design concept, the focus was on an attractive appearance, optimized user interfaces and the implementation of a ‘clean design’. We are therefore very pleased to have won the Focus Open Baden-Württemberg International Design Award together with the design agency defortec.” Last year, Voith introduced the long-standing and visionary design study “Papermaking Vision.”

The holistic concept takes into account all aspects of papermaking and aims to simplify maintenance and operation of the equipment, reduce interfaces through a higher degree of networking, and further increase efficiency, safety and sustainability. An attractive design supports the functionality and at the same time ensures a uniform appearance.

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