Komatsu presents new harvester head adapted for eucalyptus

Komatsu Forest presents a brand-new harvester head specially adapted for the harvesting of eucalyptus. The head is called Komatsu S162E, where the E stands for eucalyptus.

Already 20 years ago, the company launched the first harvester head adapted for eucalyptus, the 370E, which was equipped with more robust frame construction and a felling link dimensioned for the power of an excavator. The head has been much appreciated and has over the years gained two companions in the eucalyptus forest, V132E, and C202E. However, all these heads are modified and originally designed for softwood, i.e. pine and spruce.

The new Komatsu S162E is specially designed for fast and efficient felling in eucalyptus stands. With sustainability and longevity in focus, the head has been designed to withstand the tough stresses it is subjected to. The fact that the components of the head are well-proven ensures efficient felling in challenging conditions.

The S162E is optimized for delimbing and debarking eucalyptus trees with a diameter of between 20-26 cm. To optimize the debarking process, the head has angled feed roller arms, and the frame has a support roller in the middle to minimize friction. The head is also equipped with four hydraulically maneuverable delimbing knives and a fixed top knife, which further improves the debarking process.

In order to reduce the environmental impact caused by oil leakage, the hoses of the head are equipped with ORFS couplings.

“With its unique characteristics, the S162E becomes an efficient and well-adapted harvester head for eucalyptus harvesting,” says Tobias Ettemo, Product Manager at Komatsu Forest.

The head will primarily be mounted on excavators but is also available for rubber wheel machines, such as the Komatsu 951 harvester.

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