Landslide in Halden, Norway, Collapses Section of Norske Skog’s Saugbrugs Mill

Norske Skog said that a section of its Saugbrugs paper mill in Halden, Norway, has partially collapsed after rocks from a landslide slid into the building. The company said no one in the mill was injured.

The landslide took place around 04:30 CET today.

The part of the building that was heavily damaged houses paper machine 6.

In a press release, Norske Skog said, “This has had a material impact on building structures, cranes, and other machinery and equipment relating to PM6, which will result in a production stop for a longer period.”

Saugbrugs PM6 has the capacity to produce 260,000 tonnes of SC (supercalendered) magazine paper.

Sven Ombudstvedt, CEO of Norske Skog, said, “There has been a significant landslide which has caused great damage to the building structure for PM6 at Saugbrugs. We are working to get a full overview of the situation and risk of further landslides, but at the moment it is considered too dangerous to enter the area. This will result in a production stop on PM6 for a longer period.

“Most importantly, no one were harmed in the landslide, but it has been a traumatic and shocking experience for all involved and the local community,” Ombudstvedt added.

Norske Skog noted that the mill’s other paper machine, PM4, which is in another building on the site, will continue to operate. PM4 has the capacity to produce 100,000 tonnes per year of SC magazine paper.

The production and financial impact is currently uncertain, but further information will be provided when there is a clear overview of the situation, the company said.

A local news service said Norway’s Geotechnical Institute has sent a geologist to the site who will make assessments together with the police’s incident leader with a view to whether new landslides may occur.

Norske Skog is a world leading producer of publication paper with strong market positions and customer relations in Europe and Australasia. The Norske Skog Group operates four mills in Europe, two of which will produce recycled packaging paper following ongoing conversion projects. In addition, the Group operates one paper mill in Australia.


SOURCE: Norsdke Skog and a local news report

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