Latvia became another EU state, which faces with sharp increase of paper prices

Latvia has become another country of the EU, which has faced with a significant increase of paper prices this year.

According to some local media reports, prices for toilet paper rose from 30 euro cents to 60 per roll this year, while the growth of prices is ongoing.

One of the major reasons for this became logistics issues and serious interruptions in the supplies of wood pulp used. The problem escalated significantly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent imposition of economic sanctions, due to Russia’s status of one of the world’s largest suppliers of wood raw materials. Besides, Russia conducted direct supplies of some types of paper to Latvia.

According to analysts, the rebuilding of supply chains inevitably affected the final price of paper in  Latvia and other Baltic states.

Previously paper was produced at the capacities of some of the Latvian mills, such as Yugla paper mill and Sloka Pulp and Paper Mill, however, in recent years most of such products have almost been completely suspended.

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