Leadership Of Canadian Pulp & Paper Industry.

Leadership Of Canadian Pulp & Paper Industry.

One of the largest Industrial sector in the world is pulp& paper, with production of around 180 million of pulp and 280 million of paper oriented products, this is one of the sector which is majorly dependent on natural resources. Despite of technological advancements and there is so much of stigma around the go green environment etc, the industry is set to envisage a decent growth and also needless to say, there is scope for much of deforestation too which might take place due to this growth factor.

However one sigh of relief is about the kind of regulatory mechanisms to curtail the kind of environmental imbalance, and companies are pushed to ensure that they work on maintaining eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Fibre, which is very essential part of this industrial raw material is grown in the Latin American and Pacific Rim regions, and the other regions which are good at providing good quality pulp is from Asia Pacific regions, which is also very cost effective. The other factor which the global companies are facing is the kind of development which is taking place in the competitive nature of companies in developing eco-friendly products which can be very user friendly and also doesn’t harm the environment. In this kind of competitive industry, the two factors which are making the companies lose their market share are waste and inefficiency.

Canada is known as the hub of pulp & paper industry and is one of the largest contributors for the global Pulp& Paper market consumption. There is plethora of product ranges which are being produced in the Canada market and is exported all over. However the issue of concern is that majority of this exports turn to be a base commodity, rather than as value-added products. This is one of the threats which makes the Canadian market vulnerable to global market conditions.

The kind of non-conventional methods which are adopted in other countries is giving them little edge over the Canadian market in terms of price competition and any specialty product drives. Majorly the Canadian market depends upon the export markets and due to the kind of sensitive and volatile markets in the export zone, the Canadian market is encountering global challenges in a tough drive.

With a little change over, by increasing the value-added paper production and ensuring TCF markets, the growth of the sector can be pushed up. The kind of innovative, eco-friendly and cost effective approach can certainly lead the Canadian Pulp & Paper industry in global Paper & Pulp Industry.

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