Metsä Board’s SkinCare 2.0 gift box design wins the Shanghai Luxe Pack 2018 green award

Metsä Board is delighted to announce it has won the 2018 Luxe Pack Shanghai ’in green’ Award with its SkinCare 2.0 gift box Design. Created by Metsä Board’s packaging design team, the new SkinCare 2.0 gift box uses fibre based materials to replace plastic. The outer rigid box is made with a new pulp molding process. Each of three cartons are made of lightweight paperboard and offer a unique opening and reclosing experience combined with maximum runnability performance on automated packaging lines.

Cyril Drouet, Design and Innovation Director at Metsä Board, comments; “We are extremely pleased with the recognition that the SkinCare 2.0 gift box design is currently getting globally. It is a great example of how we want to inspire packaging designers and brand owners with new innovative solutions in packaging design and using renewable materials.”

Metsä Board’s Packaging Services team develops, together its customers, lighter, more environmentally friendly and more efficient packaging and helps to use the potential of lightweight fresh fibre paperboards in innovative way.

SkinCare 2.0 also received recognition at the 29th Hong Kong Print Awards where it was named ‘Champion of Packaging Printing, Paper Packaging’ as well as winning a Merit Award for ‘Best Creative Printing’ and a further Merit Award for ‘Best Crafted Book’.

The Luxe Pack ‘in green’ Award recognises new eco-friendly designed products which demonstrate a specific positive environmental and sustainable impact.

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