Metsä Wood and SRV have signed an agreement to build a Kerto LVL mill in Äänekoski

Metsä Wood and construction firm SRV have formalized an agreement for the construction of Metsä Wood’s forthcoming Kerto® LVL mill in Äänekoski, Finland. SRV will serve as the principal contractor for this project, which will be executed as a collaborative project management contract.

Jaakko Anttila, EVP of Metsä Wood, explains, “We selected SRV as our partner based on their expertise in industrial project construction and the contract model built on close cooperation.”

Metsä Wood’s decision to embark on the construction of a new Kerto LVL mill was made in June, and the preparatory work at the mill site is proceeding according to plan. The construction phase of the project is estimated to generate approximately 1,000 person-years of employment impact. Upon completion, the mill is expected to provide direct employment to around 150 individuals and create an additional 200 jobs within its immediate value chain. Production at the mill is anticipated to commence in the latter half of 2026, boasting an annual production capacity of approximately 160,000 cubic meters. This represents a remarkable 50 percent increase in the company’s overall Kerto LVL production capacity.

Hannu Lokka, SVP responsible for SRV’s regional units, comments, “The Äänekoski Kerto LVL mill will be executed utilizing a contemporary cooperative model, which is increasingly favored in industrial projects due to its inherent advantages. Throughout the development phase, we meticulously planned and coordinated the project in close collaboration with our client and are now prepared to initiate the implementation phase.”

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