Nijhuis Saur Industries completes the acquisition of Veolia’s European mobile water services division

Nijhuis Saur Industries (part of Saur Group) announces that it has finalized the Group’s acquisition of Veolia’s European Mobile Water Services division based on the anti-trust commitments made by Veolia to the European Commission.

The former Mobile Water Services will now become Nijhuis Saur Industries’ Mobile Water Solutions division, one of Europe’s leading providers of mobile water services. The Mobile Water Solutions division is now the global mobile water services platform of Nijhuis Saur Industries (NSI). The combined and modern MWS fleet boasts an asset base of around 500 mobile units, seven depots, and multiple ion exchange regeneration stations and maintenance centers in Europe, where 50 million liters of resins are regenerated annually. MWS also employs more than 80 highly-skilled professionals in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Poland, and Sweden and serves a range of industrial applications. MWS customers will have access to the most advanced water and wastewater treatment, including biogas, energy, and resource recovery technologies available, and the services of Saur Group’s Industrial Water Services division.

The acquisition has been made under the conditions announced on May 9th this year, following consultation with Veolia employee representative bodies and receipt of the necessary regulatory approvals.


A growing need for fast-track water-on-demand solutions

Menno M. Holterman, CEO, and president of Nijhuis Saur Industries says: “By combining the strengths of NSI’s existing mobile wastewater treatment fleet with the experience of the newly rebranded Mobile Water Solutions, we can now offer our industrial customers an expanded and innovative mobile fleet that boosts their ability to forecast and plan for the quantity and quality of water available from water resources. We are confident that the combined MWS team under the leadership of Dominique Tassignon will continue to offer our existing customers the benefits of their reliable, experienced, and fast-track mobile water solutions partner while benefiting from the extended range of mobile water, wastewater, biogas enhancement, and resource recovery solutions.”

Dominique Tassignon, CEO of NSI Mobile Water Solutions: “Mobile Water Solutions’ integration into the Saur Group will offer the opportunity to develop the many synergies and added values with Nijhuis Saur Industries for the benefit of our existing and future customers. With the expertise and support from NSI, we will broaden our range of services and advance further the development and diversification of our fleet of mobile water and wastewater treatment solutions, which is already one of the largest and youngest in Europe. It will allow us to expand our team and company’s reach, to meet even the most challenging requirements of our growing customer base, in the fields of industrial process water and wastewater treatment, reuse, resources recovery, and municipal drinking and wastewater. We have been serving MWS’ customers for over 25 years, building strong partnerships based on our fundamental pillars of professionalism, communication, teamwork, external focus, and service excellence. We look forward to continuing to develop relationships and helping our customers solve their water challenges.”

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