Nippon Paper starts cooperative marine transport with Daio Paper

Nippon Paper Industries started cooperative marine transport between the capital region and the Kansai area, Japan, in cooperation with Daio Paper Corporation.

Nippon Paper Industries has provided long distance truck transport to supply the business communication paper produced at the Nakoso Mill to the Kansai region.

Daio Paper uses the RORO ships of Daio Kaiun Co., Ltd. to transport the paper and board products produced at its Mishima Mill from Mishima-Kawanoe Port (via Sakai Senboku Port to Chiba Chuo Port) to supply the products to the capital region and the Tohoku region.

To solve those challenges faced by both companies, Nippon Paper Industries will transport the products produced at its Nakoso Mill by trailer to Chiba Chuo Port and transport them by sea from the port to Sakai Senboku Port using the RORO ships of Daio Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Specifically, to transport products from the Nakoso Mill (Iwaki-shi, Fukushima) of Nippon Paper Industries to the Kansai area, they are transported by truck from the Nakoso Mill to Chiba Chuo Port (Chiba-shi, Chiba) and there they are transshipped to a RORO ship used to transport products to the capital and Tohoku regions from the Mishima Mill (Shikokuchuo-shi, Ehime) by Daio Paper, and then transported by sea to Sakai Senboku Port (Sakai-shi, Takaishi-shi, and Izumiotsu-shi, Osaka), aiming to achieve a modal shift of product transport.

With this, Nippon Paper Industries will reduce CO2 emissions 46.7% annually and reduce the total journey time of truck drivers 78.8% when compared with conventional transport operations.

This regular round-trip transport between companies in the same industry is the first attempt in the paper industry and will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society including measures to address the 2024 problem and reduce CO2 emissions in the logistics industry.

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