Pasaban completes the expansion of its corporate facilities


The building works, which were completed at the beginning of 2019 have allowed implementing a new layout, to expand the offices by one floor and to renovate the building’s façade. Focused on obtaining greater added value projects, Pasaban concentrates on improving its organizational efficiency and banks on innovation and close customer service.

Immersed in a growth phase, the Guipuzcoan company is expanding its facilities by 1000 m2 by building works that started at the end of 2017 and the completion of which has allowed for expanding the offices by one floor and implementing a more efficient layout at its assembly plant. Moreover, the company is carrying out an organizational reconfiguration aimed at improving the efficiency of its processes and value-enhancing each one of its employees.

“We continue to invest in creating a solid and profitable project for the future that provides value to our customers and in which people feel committed”. Daniel García, MD of Pasaban.

At its facilities, Pasaban now has more than 130 direct employees and exports about 90% of its production, placing itself as a reference company in the market in its product range. Dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-tech customized machinery for the paper and cardboard converting, Pasaban has a global presence with over 500 customers and 700 machine installation and commissioning in 45 countries.

Its product range includes paper and cardboard shelters, paper winders, ream wrapping machines, and technical service and maintenance solutions. Thus, its natural market is and has historically always been the large paper and cardboard mills and converters, where most of the demand for its solutions continues to reside. Moreover, in recent years a growing demand has been detected in an even more specific market such as the one for security paper. In the latter case, Pasaban has managed to position itself as one of the market leaders, providing value with solutions capable of industrializing the application of high-security features to paper money.

Innovation and customer service

In a market in which the technical assistance and maintenance service is crucial, capital equipment companies find it necessary to accompany their customers throughout the entire life cycle of the machines. Aligned with this need, Pasaban is committed to enhance its technical service and to continue to strengthen its direct contact with its customers.

With regards to its R&D, Pasaban’s plans towards expanding the portfolio of ‘converting’ machines capable of covering emerging business segments with more flexible solutions but with the quality level that has characterized the Guipuzcoan company for decades.

Pasaban has spent years improving the solutions it provides with increasingly automated machines and advancing with regards to machine-person usability. Thus, in the realm of Industry 4.0, the projects are focused on the integration of the software in the cloud for its equipment units and the digitalization of the quantitative data to improve their efficiency.

Adaptability capacity

Founded in 1928, Pasaban has evolved by not only grounding itself on organizational and structural changes but also cultural ones. Thus, for its Managing Director, Daniel García, the key success to the past 90 years of business lies in the company’s adaptive capacity, whilst it bases the added value of its products on customization to provide comprehensive solutions adapted to each customer.

After a good 2018, Pasaban is preparing itself for a new competitive paradigm in which it must once again demonstrate its capability to adapt and innovate in product, process and people management to continue being a reference in its business segment.

“Customer trust is earned by demonstrating commitment. That is why we strive to continuously work to accompany our customers in their challenges”.

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