Polish paper, packaging maker eyes increased foreign demand as sales rise

Polish paper

Polish paper and packaging producer BSC Drukarnia Opakowan has reported higher sales for the third quarter of this year, at PLN 56.7 million (13.2 million), a 2% increase compared with the same period a year earlier. The company says it is expecting to obtain a portion of demand from Western European countries.


“We have observed a rising demand for our packaging products from both current and new customers. The domestic market, supported by a record low unemployemtn and rising salaries, is growing dynamically. We cant rule out that we will acquire a share of production from external producers from Germany, because the market there is struggling with workforce shortage,” Andrzej Baranowski, the vice president of BSC Drukarnia Opakowan, told local news site Wnp.pl.


The company operates two plants in Poznan, in western Poland.

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