JARTEK, Finland, is acquiring a significant shareholding in ROSÉNS MASKIN, Sweden, with a view to ensuring both companies can continue offering the market a broad product range for

sawmills and the timber industry and meet the most diverse range of requirements for capacity as well as design.

The companies’ joint product range will continue to consist of log sorting lines, wood-drying kilns, board sorting lines, planing mill equipment and Thermowood kilns.

This partnership is a strategic move based on the fact that the companies complement each other

in the best possible way in terms of ensuring maximum exposure to a growing market.

“With 40 years of industry experience, we consider ourselves one of the most well-rounded manufacturers of material-handling equipment with a focus on mid-sized sawmills and planing mills where complete building structures have been and remain important elements.

Our partnership with JARTEK means that we now span the whole field and can accordingly become an

important actor also in relation to large sawmills, as well as a broader market,” said Peter Davidsson,

General Manager of ROSÉNS MASKIN.

“JARTEK is one of the leading suppliers of sawmill technology with 60 years’

experience in this sector. Like ROSÉNS MASKIN, we are a family-owned business, and we share

the same values in terms of business ethics and customer service.

Through this partnership with ROSÉNS MASKIN, we will now have the opportunity to serve our customers even better, for instance by being able to offer them more comprehensive board handling systems.

We are eager to embark on this partnership, which will allow us to meet the needs of sawmills at every capacity level,” said Teemu Uimonen, General Manager of JARTEK.

Both companies will be attending the trade fair “Wood Products & Technology” from 28-31 August in Gothenburg, Sweden. Booths:  B05:34.

The present management teams and companies in each country will remain unaltered.

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