Schumacher Packaging starts production at its Myszków plant earlier than planned

Schumacher Packaging starts production at its Myszków plant earlier than planned

The containerboard mill of Schumacher Packaging in Myszków, Poland might start up 6-12 months earlier than originally planned. The company wants to become sel-sufficient for raw material as quickly as possible.

German Schumacher Packaging group wants to start containerboard production earlier than planned at its Polish site in Myszków. According to the company’s latest plans, refitting of the former newsprint machine will be completed during the first half of 2019 so that production could reach stability by the middle of next year at the latest.

Björn Schumacher, CEO of the owner-headed company, reports that the first commercially usable recycled corrugated case material volumes could roll out six to twelve months ahead of the originally scheduled date.

In order to stay on the timeline, the German manufacturer of corrugated and paperboard packaging has decided to execute the capacity expansion project in two steps. The first will see capacity added for 150,000 tpy of testliner and corrugating medium while another 150,000 tpy in capacity will be added in a second step a year or two later.

The output of 300,000 tpy of recycled corrugated case material would make Schumacher Packaging fully self-sufficient for raw material. “It is getting increasingly difficult to secure the necessary paper volumes for new corrugated board capacities. We therefore want to expand our own paper production at the earliest”, Mr Schumacher said.

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