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Cascades Appoints Jérôme Porlier as New President and COO of Specialty Products Group

Cascades announced the appointment of Jérôme Porlier as the new President and COO of Cascades Specialty Products Group (SPG), effective July 1, 2023. Porlier succeeds Luc Langevin, who after more than 12 years as the head of SPG is gradually heading towards retirement. Langevin will continue to be responsible for Cascades Recovery+ (CR+) and will […]

Cascades launches isothermal packaging technology, inaugurates a new production site

Cascades continues to roll out its expansion plan in the isothermal packaging market by enhancing its line of meal boxes with technology that’s 20% more efficient than its current home delivery solution, and by commissioning a new production facility in York, Pennsylvania. Cascades is improving its line of northbox® isothermal packaging solutions by adding innovative […]

Cascades launches expansion plan in the isothermal packaging market

Cascades today announced an expansion plan in the isothermal distribution market with the commissioning of a new production site in the western United States, in Tacoma (WA), and with the launch of new products under its northbox® brand of insulated boxes for fresh foods. The new Cascades Enviropac – Tacoma production site marks the start […]

Cascades launches a recyclable thermoformed cardboard food tray

The Cascades is launching the first 100% recycled and recyclable thermoformed cardboard tray designed for fresh food packers using automated equipment in North America. This thermoformed tray delivers a unique innovative food packaging solution that was developed entirely using a circular economy approach and ecodesign principles. The tray is composed of 100% recycled fibers, mostly […]