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Toscotec to install TT SteelDryers in North America

Toscotec will supply several TT SteelDryer cylinders for two paper machines at the facilities of two confidential manufacturers in North America. The projects are slated for completion in 2022. By replacing the mills’ existing cast iron cans, the new TT SteelDryers will boost the drying capacity of the paper machines and lead to a significant production increase. The steel […]

Toscotec TT SteelDryers started up at Omnia Advanced Materials in Italy

Toscotec participated in the dryer section rebuild of PM2 at Omnia Advanced Materials Alife mill in Italy with the supply of 16 TT SteelDryers. PM2 produces highly customized specialty paper including gaskets, absorbency, and filtration media for numerous industrial and consumer applications. Toscotec has designed and customized the new TT SteelDryers according to PM2 specifications, with a diameter […]

Toscotec finalizes a drying section rebuild at Cartiera San Giorgio, Italy

Cartiera San Giorgio successfully started up its PM1 after the complete rebuilt of its dryer section by Toscotec. PM1 has a trim width of 2,500 mm, and produces wet creped tissue in the basis weight range from 30 to 50 gsm, using virgin cellulose and recycled paper. Following the installation of a TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryer that replaced PM1’s […]