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Uzbekistan will be able to supply paper bleach agent to Russia

Russia plans to supply sodium chlorate from Uzbekistan, which is used to bleach pulp in the production of white paper. According to the data, agreements on this were concluded by the Russian delegation with Uzbek partners at the Innoprom forum in Tashkent. “Yes this is true. This is sodium chlorate, which is produced in Uzbekistan,” said […]

Uzbekistan launches one of largest paper productions in Central Asia

The only production of various types of paper in Central Asia was launched in Samarkand region of Uzbekistan several days ago, according to representatives of the investor and some local media reports. The new production is located in the Narpay district of the Samarkand region, one of the most economically developed regions of Uzbekistan and […]

Ufastroysnab to start lumber exports to Turkey and Iran

Ufastroysnab was founded in 2010 as a producer of green and dried lumber, including wall lining and moldings. In Udmurtia, the company has logging operations, it has its own allowable cutting area of 5 thousand hectares in this region. In Bashkiria, Ufastroysnab buys timber from local loggers.   The total capacity of the two sawmills […]

Russian Nicole-Pack invests in Uzbek flagship paper producer

The Russian company “Nicole-Pack” has completed implementation of the first stage of an investment project to modernize the production of paper products at Angren Pack, the largest paper and cardboard producer in Uzbekistan. The volume of investments is estimated at US$42 million. Sergei Kolesnikov, a co-owner of Nikol-Pak comments: “In June 2018, we bought out […]

Uzbekistan to use technical cannabis for papermaking in years to come

Uzbekistan plans to replace imported paper products on the domestic market within the next several years, that will be achieved through the development of local paper production, including those on the basis of technical cannabis, according to recent statements, made by some senior officials of the Uzbek government and local media reports.   At present […]