The production of 70,000 tons of paper is targeted at Pars Haft Tappe Paper Company.

The CEO of Pars Haft Tappe Paper Industrial Group said, “The production of 70,000 tons of various types of paper, including paper pulp, is targeted in this company this year in order to meet a part of the country’s need for paper.

According to IRNA reporter, Abolfazl Roghani Golpayegani said in a gathering of reporters on Tuesday, “In order to reach the amount of paper production in Pars Paper Industrial Group, the daily production of 200 tons of different types of paper, including packaging paper and paper pulp, has been planned.”

Stating that no trees are cut in this company to produce paper, he said, “All types of paper produced by this company use bagasse or sugarcane waste as the raw material of paper.”

The CEO of Haft Tappe Pars Paper Industrial Group mentioned the aim of increasing exports to different countries is one of the company’s plans this year and stated, “Pars Paper Industries Group is trying to take a part of the paper market in the region because this company has this capacity.”

Referring to the production of 23 types of paper in this factory, Roghani Golpayegani said, “The production of different types of paper with different applications has been accelerated in the Pars paper factory so that this company can meet a part of the country’s need for paper.”

According to him, even now, for the packaging of all kinds of food industries, a variety of products are produced in this company, including packaging paper, paper suitable for packaging sanitary products, and most importantly, paper suitable for packaging solid and liquid food ingredients.”

He mentioned the power cut as one of the problems of the Paper Industrial Group and said, “The power cut not only stop the production but also damage the factory machines, so in this regard, the provision of a generator with a capacity of 6 megawatts of electricity was put on the agenda.”

He said, “With the supply of this generator, 75% of the electricity needed by this factory will be supplied and the damage caused by the power cut will be minimized.”

Roghani described the production cycle as a continuous cycle with detailed planning and said, “Power outage disrupts the production process and causes problems in factories.”

The production of cellulose disposable containers

Regarding the factory of the production of disposable cellulose materials in the Pars Paper Industrial Group, he also said, “For the first time in the country, the plan for the production of cellulose materials, which is one of the largest factories for the production of these materials in the world, was implemented in this company by using sugarcane waste.”

He continued, “The containers and pieces produced in Pars Tabiat Cellulose Company are the only disposable containers in the country that can be decomposed and composted, while they can be used at a temperature of 270 degrees Celsius in the microwave as well as at a temperature of minus 40 degrees, and there is no harm for consumers.”

Roghani mentioned the development and increase of production in Pars Tabiat Cellulose Company with the arrival of newly purchased machines and said, “The production of cellulose products of this company is now exported to several countries including Canada, Australia and the Persian Gulf countries, and they are welcomed.”

Pars Haft Tappe Paper Industrial Group produces all types of Flutting paper for carton making, white paper and pulp for the production of tissues and disposable containers, different types of packaging and sanitary paper used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, colored paper for writing and office use as well Kraft paper.

This company is located 20 km from Sussa city in the north of Khuzestan.

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