Toledo mill emits non-toxic foam

toledo mill

TOLEDO — Residents near the Georgia-Pacific containerboard mill in Toledo witnessed airborne foam wafting from the mill over the weekend. Though the upset in operations that created the foam has passed, the substance may remain a few days longer.

The mill released a statement Sunday addressing the emission of foam from their facility. The foam was a result of “an upset condition” in papermaking operations and originated in the facility’s wastewater treatment system. GP stated that the foam is non-toxic and can be washed away with water.

“The mill’s wastewater treatment system is working to reduce the conditions creating the foam. It may take several more days or longer for the foam to disappear entirely,” said CJ Drake, public affairs manager at Georgia-Pacific Toledo.

“Warm, sunny, windy weather causes the foam to become airborne,” Drake said. “So if we get some rain, that also will help. In the meantime, we have observed that the foam is gradually being reduced in the wastewater treatment ponds.”

The plant is no longer in upset and is working with authorities to manage the situation.

“GP notified the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality about the upset condition and worked closely with local public safety agencies to prevent the foam from spreading beyond the mill,” read the Sunday release. “The mill’s emergency response team, the Toledo Fire Department and other first responders sprayed water on the treatment ponds south of the mill, which was the foam’s point of origin. GP is grateful to local first responders for their support.”

Georgia-Pacific included in their statement that concerned individuals are invited to call their security office with questions and concerns. The office can be reached 24-hours at 541-336-8364.

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