Total European Shipments of Graphic Papers Down 8.5% in May

Graphic Papers - Europe
Total European shipments of graphic papers in May 2018 were 2,573,000 tonnes, a decrease of 239,000 tonnes, or -8.5%, compared to May of 2017.

July 25, 2018 – EURO-GRAPH, the European Association of Graphic Paper Producers, published its May 2018 statistics of the European Graphic Papers Industry, which showed total shipments of graphic papers in May were 2,573,000 tonnes, up 43,000 tonnes versus the prior month, but down 239,000, or -8.5%, compared to May of 2017.

Graphic Paper grades include: Newsprint, SC-Magazine, Coated Mechanical Reels, Uncoated Mechanical Reels, Coated Woodfree and Uncoated Woodfree.

In May, total European shipments of Newsprint were 564,000 tonnes compared to 663,000 tonnes in May of 2017, a decrease of 15.0%.

Total shipments of SC-Magazine paper in May were 283,000 tonnes compared to 319,000 tonnes in May of 2017, down 11.4%.

Total Shipments of Coated Mechanical Reels in May were 480,000 tonnes, up slightly 0.7% versus a May 2017 figure of 477,000 tonnes.

Shipments of Uncoated Mechanical papers in May were 208,000 tonnes, a decrease of 1.9%, compared to 212,000 tonnes in May of 2017.

Total shipments of Coated Woodfree papers in May were 459,000 tonnes, down 12.6% compared to 526,000 tonnes in May 2017.

Total shipment of Uncoated Woodfree papers in May were 578,000 tonnes, down 5.8% versus 614,000 tonnes in May 2017.

EURO-GRAPH’s May 2018 statistical report with detailed tonnage figures for all Graphic Paper grades can be downloaded at: EURO-GRAPH Monthly Statistics – May 2018 (38k, pdf)

EURO-GRAPH asbl is the European Association of Graphic Paper Producers, which represents the industry sectors of Europe’s newsprint, magazine, and fine paper grades. For further information visit:



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