W+D FLOWTOS with lotioning module and new tissue machine conversions


The W+D FLOWTOS system has established itself as a technological mainstay in flow-wrap tissue folding and packaging production. The converter’s high-performance capabilities and flexibility have benefitted customers across Europe, South America and Africa since its introduction in 2013. FLOWTOS offers the double advantage of optimizing tissue production efficiency while reducing wasted resources. Besides features such as the Autosplicer, Foilsplicer and Tape Applicator, FLOWTOS makes further tissue production optimization possible in the form of professional training. W+D offers courses in operating the FLOWTOS technology to qualify machine staff worldwide. The solution’s potential advantages thus come to the fore, supporting optimal job preparation, machine maintenance, production quality and efficiency. Training courses are also available online.

W+D FLOWTOS is the fastest 2-lane handkerchief system
Using the W+D Autosplicer boosts productivity by up to 10%

New option of lotioning and perfuming

New to the FLOWTOS offering, the converter now comes with the option to integrate lotioning modules in all tissue machines from W+D.

The system currently utilizes the WEKO lotioning module, with future diversification possible. The WEKO module helps to meet the growing demand for lotionized and perfumed tissues, which are becoming more and more popular to consumers. Tissue manufacturers are faced with the challenge of fully integrating lotion application systems into their production lines without disrupting their working environments. W+D successfully integrated lotioning systems to suit the company’s customer and consumer demands.

Our core competences are focused on tissue fold and hygiene industry

Without compromising its processes, equipped with a lotioning module, FLOWTOS is now able to apply softener, fragrances and other applications to fit customer’s needs. The application unit is fully integrated, resulting in a seamless production line with high ease of use. The lotion application system has virtually no impact on working environment, thanks in large part to the fact that the system emits much less aerosol into the air than similar available models. This in turn offers the additional advantage of placing less demand on machine operators to make adjustments. W+D’s advanced solutions help its partners offer unique production systems for their customers.

The addition of the lotioning module allows the application of substrates on tissue webs that ensure specific, controlled processes critical for its industry. The system includes application heads, pumps, controls, and filters.

W+D FLOWTOS may be equipped with the WEKO rotor damping system to apply liquids

Control cabinet conversion for W+D 619 and W+D 624 machines

Another new solution from the integrated systems provider, W+D is now offering conversions to its W+D 619 and W+D 624 tissue production machines. The quickening pace of hardware and software is by now no secret to anyone, and though W+D’s hygiene machines enjoy a long life, they are not spared from developments in demand.

We supply innovative machine technology for the batch production

W+D’s suppliers are now able to replace older motors and controls with more modern units and software that meet today’s needs. W+D has developed a modern solution with a range of features to take advantage of so as to ensure that the W+D 619 interfolding machine for facial tissue production and the W+D 624 tissue production machine continue producing as smoothly as possible. W+D’s conversion includes a completely new control cabinet, replacing all servomotors and cabling. A practical large operating display equipped with touch functions is designed to optimize operation and ease of use, while modern software extends the machines’ diagnostic capabilities such as W+D Remote Support for quick online help.

source: Winkler+Dünnebier GmbH

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