Xinxiang Xinya Group confirms its trust in A.Celli Group

Xinxiang Xinya

In Henan Province, Xinxiang Xinya Paper Group Co. Ltd holds the first place in the paper industry. The company mainly produces white coated and printing papers. The Group’s production capacity is 800,000 tons per year.

In 2005 A.Celli Paper already supplied the customer with a rewinder AC842 for the PM1 machine with the same characteristics as the one recently sold: suitable for processing medium-high weight paper grades (between 180 and 400 gsm), design speed 2000 mpm and untrimmed roll width of 3420 mm.

Fully satisfied with the A.Celli rewinder purchased at the time, the excellent quality of the winding process and the assistance received during the last years by the A.Celli customer service department, the Group has decided to expand its business, investing in new projects, including the new A.Celli P100 Rewinder, with the goal of increasing its production capacity by another 200,000 tons, reaching one million a year.

The new rewinder will be in operation in the first quarter of 2019.

Xinxiang Xinya Paper Group Co., Ltd., established in 1979, is a group of companies mainly engaged in the paper and cellulose sectors (using cogeneration plants), pharmaceutical and chemical engineering, logistics and trade, as well as machinery production, reforestation and environmental protection.

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