Berli Jucker Cellox chooses A.Celli Paper for its investment in Thailand

A.Celli Paper

A.Celli Paper announces the beginning of a valuable collaboration with Berli Jucker Cellox Co. Ltd., to supply the latest generation E-WIND T100 rewinder dedicated to the production of tissue paper for the capacity expansion project at Prachinburi plant.


The new rewinder will be used for all types of high quality tissue paper, weighing from 13 to 45 gsm; it is equipped with three unwinders and a calender, maximum operating speed 1900 mpm, maximum diameter of the finished roll 1800 mm.


A further confirmation for A.Celli Paper technology, which is increasingly present on the Asian territory and capable of meeting the needs of different customers, promptly answering to multiple production variables with flexibility and promptness.


Rich and remarkable is the history of the Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC) which began over 135 years ago, in the Kingdom of Siam, from the partnership between the Berli and Jucker families.


This was the first of many strong partnerships that led to one of the Kingdom of Siam’s earliest and most successful trading companies.


Originally, BJC engaged in rice milling, mining, timber, shipping, importing and other activities that laid a foundation instrumental for Thailand’s progress towards an “industrial” stage. By carefully selecting and nurturing its local and international partners, BJC continuously prospered over the years to become a major Thai import and export firm. After World War II, BJC diversified its operations into manufacturing, packaging and distribution.


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