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Toscotec to supply major rebuild to Hamburger Containerboard Group

Toscotec will supply an entire dryer section rebuild to Hamburger Turkey, part of the Hamburger Containerboard Group, at their paper mill in Çorlu in Northern Turkey. The project focuses on their containerboard machine (PM3) and is planned for the end of 2024.   Targets: production increase and basis weight range expansion The rebuild has two main targets. […]

Toscotec starts up an AHEAD 2.2 tissue line at Europap Tezol Kağit

Europap Tezol Kağit started up a Toscotec-supplied AHEAD 2.2 tissue machine at its integrated production facility in Mersin, Turkey. The new high efficiency line started producing high quality tissue immediately after start-up. The project also included two OPTIMA slitter rewinders, with the first already in operation, and the second scheduled for installation soon. This is a repeat […]

Toscotec starts up a tissue line at Jumbo Centre in South Africa

South African tissue producer Jumbo Centre has started up an AHEAD 1.8 tissue line supplied by Toscotec at their Johannesburg facility. This is a repeat order for Toscotec after the successful installation in 2020 of another complete tissue machine at the same mill. The AHEAD 1.8 machine has a sheet trim width of 2,750 mm, an operating […]

Toscotec receives second rebuild order from Ranheim Paper & Board in Norway

Norwegian cardboard producer Ranheim Paper & Board started up PM5 at its Ranheim paper mill after a dryer section rebuild supplied by Toscotec. The rebuild has been completed according to schedule. Shortly after, Ranheim Paper & Board has placed a new order with Toscotec for the second phase of PM5’s technological upgrade, which is scheduled for autumn 2024. […]

Toscotec to supply a complete drying section rebuild to Rexcell in Sweden

Toscotec will supply a complete rebuild of PM1’s drying section to Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid at its Skåpafors mill in Sweden. Planned for the second half of 2024, the project aims to support Rexcell to achieve substantial energy consumption reductions as part of its strong commitment to sustainability. Energy Saving Customized solution Toscotec will supply a customized […]

Toscotec supplied a dryer section rebuild to Les Papeteries de Clairefontaine

Graphic paper manufacturer Les Papeteries de Clairefontaine started up PM6 after a dryer section rebuild supplied by Toscotec at its Etival Clairefontaine mill in France. The machine produces graphic paper in the basis weight range from 60 to 100 gsm. The project was focused on PM6’s pre-dryer section for which Toscotec supplied TT SteelDryers designed for an operating steam […]

Toscotec to supply drying section upgrade to Panda Paper Mills in Israel

Panda Paper Mills (1997), a subsidiary of Israeli leading manufacturer Sano Enterprises, has selected Toscotec for the supply of a complete drying section rebuild of PM1 at their Netanya production facility in Israel. PM1 produces high-quality tissue from recycled fibers for the Away from Home market. The upgrade aims to substantially increase the machine’s drying capacity […]

Toscotec starts up a complete press section rebuild at Cartiera Pirinoli in Italy

Toscotec started up a packaging paper machine at Cartiera Pirinoli after the complete rebuild of the press section at their Roccavione facility in Italy. Toscotec installed a first nip with double felted press roll and a second nip with a Voith NipcoFlex shoe press designed for a maximum load of 1,600 kN/m. The project also included a fully automatic […]

Toscotec to supply a turnkey tissue line to Softys subsidiary in Mexico

Softys has selected Toscotec for the supply of a complete tissue line at their facility in Altamira, Mexico. Scheduled for start-up in the first quarter of 2025, the new AHEAD 2.2 line (PM5) will be supplied on a turnkey basis.  Superior Drying Efficiency  The AHEAD 2.2 machine guarantees the highest available drying efficiency through the combination of TT NextPress shoe […]

Toscotec to supply a complete hood system rebuild to Lucart

 Lucart has selected Toscotec for the complete rebuild of PM14’s Yankee hoods and air system at their Aranguren tissue mill in Spain. The project is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.  Tailor-made solution for drastic consumption reduction Based on an onsite survey conducted to verify the existing system’s performance, Toscotec developed a customized solution designed to […]